'Visitors are welcomed to view the main buildings of the temple.'

Ishijin Ms. Miyuki Ishikawa

Adult entrance fee -500yen

Elementary and middle school students - 200yen

With a handicapped person's passbook - 200yen(any attendant is 500 yen)

  • No group discount, no advance notice necessary for a common visit.
  • Preschool children are free of charge.
  • Payment by coupons are accepted.

For Sanrou (Visiting with stay), etc., please ask General reception.

Address 5-15 Shihi Eiheiji town, Yoshida district, Fukui pref.
Daihonzan Eiheiji, General reception
TEL. 0776-63-3102
FAX. 0776-63-3115

Temple guidance, Sermons, Zen meditation, and transcribing the Sutra, Practice of Zen meditation

Please feel the spirit of Eiheiji deep inside of yourself

Goto Ms Fumie Goto

For Sermons, Zen meditation, and Practice of Zen meditation, please contact the visitor's desk directly.

Visitor's desk TEL.0776-63-4361

For Temple guidance, and transcribing the Sutra, please contact Dendobu directly.

Dendobu TEL.0776-63-4369

Teachings over the phone

You can listen to the teachings of Buddhism and Zen at home by calling a sermon via telephone. The topics are changed regularly. How about calling for receiving a refreshing, tranquil mind and a chance for enriching your inner life?

Eiheiji "Preaching on the phone" TEL.0776-63-3399